Active Membership

We are excited to announce that starting in January 2018 we will be offering WiSTEM active memberships! Our hope is that this program will provide an opportunity for those that want to be more concretely involved in our group. For more information on requirements and benefits please see the information below, which will also be added to our website. If you are interested, please sign up for an active membership at:

Shout out to our Spring 2018 (and first ever) active members:

  • Shelly Jones (awarded Outstanding Outreach Volunteer)
  • Tina Govindarajan
  • Amber Johnson (awarded Outstanding Active Member)
  • Claire Gilette
  • Brenna Dennison (awarded Outstanding Outreach Volunteer)
  • Kendra DeHay
  • Mayla Boguslav
  • Sarah Tarullo (awarded Outstanding Active Member)


  • Attend 5 WiSTEM events per year and
  • Volunteer at 2 outreach events per year – must be a WiSTEM planned or sponsored event

A sign-in sheet will be provided at all events


  • Official recognition through our website
  • Ability to put Women in STEM Active Member on your C.V.
  • Awards for Outstanding Member and Outstanding Outreach Volunteer (for most active/involved attendee and volunteer). Awardees will also receive a free WiSTEM T-shirt or 50% off of an annual AWIS membership!
  • End of year party/award ceremony for all active members

Our active membership policy is not meant to be exclusionary – it is to ensure that the benefits of affiliation are being granted to those who are truly involved with the organization. Furthermore, we believe implementing an active membership policy will help maintain consistency and accuracy regarding how people describe their involvement with the group. For those who are not active members, we would appreciate your honesty in using terminology akin to: “is routinely involved in AMC WiSTEM” in place of “active member”. Thank you for your understanding as we implement this exciting change to better our group and strengthen the recognition of our active members.